Terms And Conditions

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Our production takes place in China, so delivery to your address can take anywhere from 14 days to 60 days. If you need products on a specific date, we recommend that you order the products at least 60 days in advance. If you need products as soon as possible you can contact us via the contact form. Faster shipping is associated with higher costs for the buyer. Despite the extra charge for faster shipping, delivery usually takes 7 days to 20 days.


Payments on our site are made through Stripe. Transactions and your information are secured with an SSL certificate. To make a purchase, you need a credit or debit card of any kind, as well as virtual cards from any provider in the electronic banking market. If the card type is incorrect, you can check the eligibility of the card and alternative payment methods with the Stripe broker.

Our payment policy is purely invoice payment in full, which also applies to contracting parties.


Our shipments are packed according to the package standards recommended for the corresponding product. Check the status of the package on delivery. Before signing the check, check for any damage that may have occurred during the delivery process. Such damages are the responsibility of the delivery service in which claims are made. With actual visible damage, you can reject the shipment and the supplier must provide you with a complaint form. The form specifies all observations and any injuries or reason for rejection. Please copy the shipment code and the claim code of the delivery service and provide this to us, including the contents of the claim and your personal information to our e-mail address.

In case of picking up the damaged shipment, the entire responsibility is transferred to the buyer.

In the return section you can start the process of returning products that are not suitable. Returns may be considered feasible if the products are in original packaging and are not damaged or used. Unfortunately, for certain sanitary reasons, we cannot accept returns. When returning a product, you are responsible for the cost of sending it to our warehouse address which will be forwarded to your e-mail address. After receiving the shipment to our warehouse, the status of the shipment will be determined. The method of repayment, in full or partial refund in case of damage or defective product, will be confirmed after inspection of the shipment. The purchase will be refunded to the purchase transaction account within 15 business days of confirming the refund category.



Our products are dedicated and in most cases are not our own products but selected products of our contract manufacturers. To ensure the standards of usability and durability of the products, we consider the set of ISO standards for individual production industries. Product quality and quality control are assured by test internal and external quality laboratories. The life of the sales products is standardized according to the international requirements of the intended use of the products and their basic materials.


The product warranty is individually tangible according to the category and type of product. Warranty is exclusively for products that are not consumables. Supplies are any item that has a short life span or extensive use.

Customer Care

At Sportyfie we have a special customer care division. The customer is any individual customer or legal entity or contracting authority. Each customer can always contact us through the online form or contact us through the call center.
A legal person or a contracting party is each party associated with a cooperation agreement. We have special agents for the contracting parties who take care of our contracting parties and their quotas.