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Welcome To Sportyfie.
Our company is your ally in your sporting activities. We combine research, design, development, production and distribution of sports equipment and accessories. Our professionalism and agility comes from our love of movement and nature.

Our principle is a healthy spirit in a healthy body without environmental damage.
We strive to make our offer environmentally friendly and user-friendly. The quality of the products meets the requirements of usability and affordability.

With the desire to meet your needs, we are open to your suggestions on new products that we can develop on a proposal.

Ouer best practices


For your convenience, our shipping method is free.

You can track all your purchases on their way to you, from our warehouses through our shippment tracking.

In time, it may not be the fastest but definitely the most favorable. Our delivery is expected to take between 10 and 14 days but may take longer due to increased demand, holidays or union strikes.

In case of a longer delivery time than 14 days, we ask for your patience and thank you in advance.


The security of your information is our top priority.

In today’s times of online fraud and identity theft, we are forced to constantly update our servers and communications equipment to the highest possible standard.

Due to these constant measures, our website is extremely safe and trustworthy.

An SSL certificate is the first obvious sign of secure websites and user portals for entering and transferring personal information and financial transactions.

Return policy

All our goods are carefully inspected and packaged at least to the minimum standards for safeguarding shipments against shipment.

If your goods are damaged or otherwise inappropriate, please contact us via the contact form.

You send the goods back to us at your own expense, to the address which will be forwarded to your e-mail address.

The money will be credited back to your checking account within 14 business days of receiving the shipment to our warehouse.


Inquiries about your shipments or return transactions are available through our contact form.

In case of demand for products which we do not have in our offer, please contact us via the contact form.

If you have a good product design or concept and would like us to develop and produce it for you, please contact us via the contact form.