Anti-fog spray


Anti-fog spray is an extremely handy product for use on any surface. The most common use is for personal items such as swimming and ski goggles, diving masks, correction glasses or car glasses and mirrors.
The special formula removes condensation particles and prevents water condensation on the surface. For clear vision during your favorite activities or just for everyday use.


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Product Descripstion

Defogger Solid State Defog Anti Fog Agent for Swim Goggles Glass Lens Diving Mask Cleaner Solution Antifogging Spray Mist 




Color: transparent

Material: anti-fog

Product size: 9.4*2.5cm

Capacity: 20 ml

Instructions for use:

The bottle is not empty, so the anti-fog liquid is concentrated in the white foam!

Shake well before using 15 ml (about 70%) water

This is an empty bottle. There is a sponge that cures anti-fog spray in the bottle, and water is added to the bottle when used.

1-2 drops on the glasses

2-3 drops for the mask

Wipe evenly on the glass with your fingers

Water for hydrophilic dispersants to wipe on glass

And let it dry before or after use. It has an anti-fog function.


Package Included:

1 x Bottle of solid anti-fogging agent




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